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Lol I wonder how many curious folk tried to pronounce that?
Because well that was the only thing that popped out my brain place.

Okay! So... typing this through phone thing. Kinda hard due to auto correct so if I have ALL THE ERRORS
then it's cuz my phone is very much trolling like boss.

Because my short term is holding strong and I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMEBER WHY I WAS SUCH A DRAMA LLAMA!
I mean I remember much drama, but
Lol seriously? I just wanna go back and just tell myself
" that... for why? Shush! Look self! You're much dumb! Asdfghjkl "
Because most of my hostility was due to the fact that I was an over protective/obsessive/ignorant troll thing.

Hey! I didn't know how to properly express my insecurities so my underdeveloped brain place decided....
"You know what's a GREAT IDEA???"
.D. no brain place! Do tell???!! 8D
"Be an ogre!!! >8U"
@ D @ GREAT IDEA BRAIN PLACE!!! ASDFGHJKL!! [Insert unnecessary drama here]

Very much like boss!
Lol I don't even know |D pssshhhuuwwaa much embarrassing.
Anyway! Imma just throw MYSELF under all the buses and publically apologize because why not???
I regret my poor choices very much, and wanted to apologize sooner but I was dumb and didn't know how to get off my high horse.
I think I need to slap what I had from my pride back then, now

I am sorry if I mess this up by not remembering how to tag.... @ u @ hurr
If you wanna insult me and tell me how lame and dumb I still am, and how ya still think I am smell cheese - xD that's cool too! Asdfghjkl
I'll leave th I journal open and will keep the comments. Fell free to leave anything lengthy and give me all the reasons why I should explode at this very minute. Das coo's yo

Okay so. Here I go! Asdfghjkl


|D I'm sorry I was an idiot.
I'm sorry I was unnecessarily hostile to you both and said threatening and/or malicious things. Probably both or one or the other. I cannot find the arguments. If I did, I would copy all the hurtful things I said and openly expose myself to the terrible things I said.
I don't know if I just couldn't let go of things, or if I was just fronting and pretending to be this strong-tough person that I wasn't. If I had the emails I would properly apologize.

I'm not asking for forgiveness cuz since I don't remember details, I don't feel I deserve it.
I only wish I wasn't such a fool back then because when I come back to dA, I can only remember that I left because I was practically making everyone an enemy for no good reason. I mean, other than the fact that I was too afraid to express my fear of losing certain peeps.

This apology isn't good. I know and I'm sorry. I just don't remember much, but what I do know/remember is that I wanna say I'm sorry.

I wish you the best and hope you guys grow in success and happiness.

:B thank you for reading my derp journal

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can I have some points? please?
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